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The Nicest Guys Ever, Usually Aren’t.

When you think there are no nice guys left in the world, one incredibly nice guy comes along.  He’s almost too good to be true.  In fact, he is too good to be true.

A friend recently said to me, “the nicest guys ever, usually aren’t”.  To which I replied, “in what world does that make sense?!”

And I stand by that.  How can it possibly be, that in 2015, nice guys are so hard to come by?  Even those long-standing male friends who tell you that they aren’t the only nice guy, can turn around and be a total-irrational dick.

In a bid to find a nice guy, I’ve stopped Tindering.  As thrilled as I am that people have successfully found love via the ‘human shopping’ app, I no longer have the time, or the energy, to sift through the shite to find a nice bloke.  I’m hoping the age-old belief that ‘once you stop looking, things come along‘ will be true here:

Deleted Tinder Account –> Many (Real Life) Men at my Door???

As usual, I live in hope.

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Putting it all together.

“Those people who live their dreams are sad messes and the people who end up flailing behind are people who have their shit together”

– Girls TV Series

When Hannah, the lead character in Girls said this, it really struck a chord with me.

  • My job is going fantastically well
  • I have lots of super friends
  • Family is as wonderful as ever

Yet, I’m still single.

I have my shit together.  But I’m flailing behind on the partner-front.

Today I received my first wedding invite from a friend.  As exciting as this is, it’s also the start of something terrifying.  In the summer ahead, I know three or four couples getting married, and more are in the pipe-line.

I’m not saying that my friends are ‘sad messes’ – it’s more a reflection on me: surely, once most areas of your life are sorted, the last piece of the puzzle just slots into place….?

In fact, the past few months have actually led to quite a few steps in the wrong direction.  Being stood-up, being ignored after a charming one-night-stand (I’m aware of the juxtaposition; let’s move on) and countless cancelled dates are not conducive to a happy single life.  I feel things are going a bit pear-shaped.

With this in mind, a friend and I are off speed-dating.  I’ve worked out there are four possible outcomes:

  1. Numbers are exchanged, and successful dates occur
  2. Numbers are exchanged, dates are a disaster
  3. No numbers are exchanged, but I have a fun night out with my friend
  4. No numbers are exchanged, the night is a disaster and I feel as single as ever

Number 3 would be fine.  Number 4 would not be.  Number 3 would be okay.

But wouldn’t it be wonderful if Number 1 was the outcome of the night?

I’ll let you know.