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Don’t ruin the good guys!

There seem to be very few good guys left in my generation.  My friends and I have spoken about it, and personal experience has proven this to be true .  So when I watched an episode of First Dates over the weekend featuring a girl who had a date with a lovely guy but afterwards said she wanted a ‘bad boy’, I cried inside.  She said she wanted a guy who uses girls, who isn’t interested in her as a person, has loads of other girls on-the-go, but makes her feel special when they’re alone.  It’s fantastic that everyone has different tastes, so everyone has the chance to be with someone if they want to be, but I felt that this lovely man will learn that girls want a ‘fuck-boy’; not a genuinely kind bloke.  And this is what he’ll become.

Please girls, let’s not ruin the good guys.


One thought on “Don’t ruin the good guys!

  1. Still searching for Prince Charming too, my sister is one of them that go for bad boys I am more into someone with a big heart and makes my sides hurt from laughing xx


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