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A little bit of happy goes a long way.

  1. We had a fun weekend.
  2. I’m feeling capable in my job.
  3. My friends are fabulous.
  4. My family is supportive.
  5. I still haven’t cried over you.
  6. I haven’t heard from you.  How predictable.  How telling.
  7. The summer is starting to fill up with adventures.
  8. Someone is teasing me; giving me hope.  False hope?  Who cares?
  9. My car’s a dream to commute in.
  10. Supporting friends when they need you.
  11. Health’s looking good at the mo.
  12. Chilled music.
  13. I can play poker.
  14. I’ve stopped eating biscuits.
  15. And chocolate.
  16. I can make crackling.
  17. My housemates loved it.
  18. Dinner party plans are a go!
  19. My new sunnies are fresh as fuck.
  20. I’ve completed my ST to-do list.
  21. Making a start on the LT one.
  22. A long-due night out with a friend is coming up.
  23. The house is full of smiles.
  24. I’m a happy bunny.
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Trying a different tac…

Bumble is a great app.  The only way a guy and a girl can talk with one another is if the girl speaks first.  As someone who can’t keep their mouth shut, this is perfect.  No need to ‘umm’ and ‘ahhh’ about whether to message first – a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

We all know that just typing any variation of ‘hi’ doesn’t work; somehow you have to stand out.  How about making a witty comment about one of their photos?  You could always try and find common ground from their 8-word bio…?  Or you could be a bit ‘sparky’.

I must have been pissed when I swiped right to two blokes.  Their minimal profiles were adorned with gym selfies – tank top and bulging muscles galore – and there were absolutely no smiles to be seen.  A long shot from my usual type.  Apparently, we had a ‘connection’.  I opted for a different tac.  In hindsight, it may have been a little rude, but definitely worth a go.

‘When you’re not taking selfies, what are you doing?’


‘What else do you do aside from go to the gym?’

Clearly nothing in both cases; neither replied…