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The Fetish Club…

Or at least, the promise of one.


My friend has been speaking to a guy on Bumble.  He’s invited her to join him at an exclusive fetish club in London.

She says he looks attractive in his profile photos, but this is through a mask.  In all 3, part of his face is covered (think Fifty Shades masquerade mask).  They’ve exchanged numbers and she’s considering going.  The problem is, she cannot see behind the mask.

Naturally, she’s asked for a photo of his face, but he’s not keen to send one.

Apparently, he just wants to ‘fuck the shit out of her’.

Can’t she see his face before?

He says it would spoil the allure…


Frankly, I’m not convinced and told her to steer clear.


4 thoughts on “The Fetish Club…

  1. oh my … I shall chaperone… I had an experience once … it was fun … then disaster… he told me he was 6ft … due to a blindfold (my request) I omitted to see one very obvious flaw … after a few hours of rather fun things … (a few bells rung from time to time in my mind) … i discovered he was about 5ft 2. tiny bit shorter than me.

    oh my I really was a little cross


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